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Ph.No.38 A big day tomorrow.
Ph.No.50 All right, you win.
Ph.No.33 Are you in? -- I'm in.
Ph.No.147 Are you questioning my integrity?
Ph.No.88 Are you still there? (Are you still with me?)
Ph.No.116 (So) civilized.
Ph.No.20 Do you want a lift?
Ph.No.19 Don't be tough on him.
Ph.No.36 Don't even think of speaking to me!
Ph.No.104 Don't get sci-fi on me.
Ph.No.51 Don't make me regret.
Ph.No.146 Don't sweet-talk to me.
Ph.No.2 Educate me.
Ph.No.9 Glad to have you with us.
Ph.No.62 Have we met?
Ph.No.112 He could just never wake up.
Ph.No.87 He didn't deserve that.
Ph.No.34 He doesn't look right for you.
Ph.No.40 He has a medical emergency.
Ph.No.79 He's been acting strangely.
Ph.No.96 He is only a half man.
Ph.No.149 He lives across the street.
Ph.No.95 He used to be with us.
Ph.No.135 His luck will run out.
Ph.No.77 How can I phrase it?
Ph.No.44 How can you possibly know?
Ph.No.126 How long have you guys been together?
Ph.No.139 I almost lost you.
Ph.No.128 I can't thank you enough.
Ph.No.129 I could have been better.
Ph.No.92 I could use some help over here.
Ph.No.49 I could use your company.
Ph.No.94 I don't know how to thank you.
Ph.No.53 I don't know what to say.
Ph.No.68 I don't think I can give you what you want.
Ph.No.159 I don't think we should dwell on the past.
Ph.No.41 I feel for her.
Ph.No.27 I feel humble.
Ph.No.141 I felt a little resentful of her.
Ph.No.91 I have a full confidence in your ability.
Ph.No.52 I get the picture.
Ph.No.153 I got a sense that they have been tinkering with it.
Ph.No.18 I just walk out.
Ph.No.122 I just want to make a change.
Ph.No.145 I know what I'm doing.
Ph.No.69 I may sound stupid, ...
Ph.No.133 I never stop loving him.
Ph.No.48 I still have work to do.
Ph.No.56 I thought you might find this interesting.
Ph.No.86 I was just passing.
Ph.No.107 I was born yesterday?
Ph.No.110 I was meant to find this.
Ph.No.103 I wasn't expecting you so soon.
Ph.No.143 I wish I had get her full time.
Ph.No.58 I won't let you down.
Ph.No.156 I'd better help my wife.
Ph.No.130 I'll be home late.
Ph.No.136 I'll bet.
Ph.No.169 I'll do my best. -- I'll expect nothing less.
Ph.No.170 If you can't carry out my order, I'll find someone who can.
Ph.No.11 I'll watch things.
Ph.No.72 I'm just too excited about being a part of it.
Ph.No.61 I'm listening.
Ph.No.93 I'm moving on.
Ph.No.80 I'm not a water person.
Ph.No.74 I'm not asking you.
Ph.No.6 I'm not fit in here.
Ph.No.32 I'm not seeing anyone.
Ph.No.164 I'm not sure if I share your optimism.
Ph.No.118 Is anybody here?
Ph.No.115 It could be anything.
Ph.No.12 It looks you could use some company.
Ph.No.152 It seems a long shot.
Ph.No.154 It won't happen again.
Ph.No.39 It's a figure of speech.
Ph.No.119 It's better that you don't.
Ph.No.43 It's going to work out fine.
Ph.No.165 It's going to be a smash!
Ph.No.120 It's just your imagination.
Ph.No.138 It's on the house.
Ph.No.14 I've been trying to reach you.
Ph.No.150 Keep her in your thought and prayer.
Ph.No.4 keep head down
Ph.No.42 Let him go.
Ph.No.67 Let them elope.
Ph.No.167 Let women have the upper hands.
Ph.No.64 Let's have it your way.
Ph.No.106 (She talked me) like I was supposed to know her.
Ph.No.30 Look at you.
Ph.No.55 Look deeper.
Ph.No.81 ... may look worthless.
Ph.No.155 May we have a few moments in private?
Ph.No.21 Medicine has been my whole life.
Ph.No.151 My deepest symphathy goes to…
Ph.No.78 Never have been better.
Ph.No.65 No big deal.
Ph.No.102 No doubt.
Ph.No.82 Party is over.
Ph.No.123 Please leave us (alone).
Ph.No.7 practice on their own
Ph.No.3 (the) prime of primates
Ph.No.57 Sayonara Wall Street!
Ph.No.161 (It) Seems odd to be here again.
Ph.No.124 She can't be buying.
Ph.No.99 She is a kind of mean, but she's still my mom.
Ph.No.63 She's a little nuts.
Ph.No.76 She is on maternity leave.
Ph.No.125 She should be here in a few minutes.
Ph.No.109 Should I?
Ph.No.47 Shouldn't be much further.
Ph.No.168 Someone is in great hurry.
Ph.No.45 Sorry about the other night.
Ph.No.113 Step outside.
Ph.No.132 Such a honor to meet you.
Ph.No.25 Suit yourself.
Ph.No.31 Thank you. I mean it.
Ph.No.17 That makes two of us.
Ph.No.37 That obvious right?
Ph.No.23 That seems you are settling in.
Ph.No.22 That's easier for you to say.
Ph.No.111 The baby wasn't supposed to be.
Ph.No.131 The end of discussion.
Ph.No.134 The heals are killing me.
Ph.No.46 There's no such thing as safety here.
Ph.No.8 They are big eaters.
Ph.No.166 They are falling into one piece.
Ph.No.70 They are missing the point.
Ph.No.142 They are on us.
Ph.No.29 They have their own way of doing.
Ph.No.1 They killed my wife and framed me for murder.
Ph.No.100 Things could be like they were.
Ph.No.28 Things happen for a reason.
Ph.No.10 This is a very sensitive situation.
Ph.No.158 This can't be happening.
Ph.No.163 This doesn't work that way.
Ph.No.26 This would be the stupidest idea I've ever had.
Ph.No.101 (You) told the whole class.
Ph.No.89 ( I ) Told you!
Ph.No.83 Try me.
Ph.No.121 Try to get some sleep.
Ph.No.16 vent anger and frustration
Ph.No.59 walk the dog
Ph.No.85 We are not meant to be.
Ph.No.157 We cannot afford to lose the commander.
Ph.No.66 We've heard about your niece. Is she all right?
Ph.No.114 We've got company.
Ph.No.35 We've known each other for long time.
Ph.No.13 What do you do for living?
Ph.No.160 What did you make of him?
Ph.No.108 What else can I do?
Ph.No.5 What has gotten into you?
Ph.No.60 What kind of man (leaving home on the morning of Christmas)...
Ph.No.98 What makes you so sure?
Ph.No.15 What time are you off?
Ph.No.54 What's your point?
Ph.No.97 What's that supposed to mean?
Ph.No.71 Why wasn't I told?
Ph.No.24 With all respect, any of us get killed any time.
Ph.No.84 You expect me to believe.
Ph.No.127 You have a thing for old women.
Ph.No.140 You have skipped your pills.
Ph.No.148 You haven't returned my call.
Ph.No.137 You know how to find me.
Ph.No.105 You owe me an answer.
Ph.No.75 You want to see me, sir.
Ph.No.90 Your patience has paid off.
Ph.No.117 (Too bad.) You say that?
Ph.No.162 You've lost her?
Ph.No.73 You've set me up.


翻訳なんて、誰がやっても同じだと思っていませんか? 人によって文章が違うように、翻訳表現にも違いがあります。

英語の擬態語 英語の擬態語   「にこにこ」、「おろおろ」、「そわそわ」など、日本語の擬態語、擬声語を英語でどう表現すればいいのか?

  英語の発音 「エ」の口で「ア」と発音… そんな覚え方もいいけれど、英語の発音というものを体系的に捉えてみませんか?

英語のことわざ 英語のことわざ   自分の言いたいことを気の利いた英語の一言で表現したいというときにはこれ。ことわざは文化の凝縮です。

広告・販促の英語 広告・販促の英語   文法的には飛んでいるが、強いインパクトを持つ広告やカタログなどのコマーシャル・コミュニケーションの英語を取り上げたコーナーです。

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