Last update May 21, 2015

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Last update January 9, 2015

Abbreviation/Acronym Period List

略語 正式語 ピリオド有無
A.D. or AD (西暦) Anno Domini (ラテン語) YES/NO
AIDS  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome NO
a.m. ante meridiem (ラテン語) YES
B.C. or BC (紀元前) before Christ YES/NO
B.C.E. (紀元前) before the Common Era YES
CIA  Central Intelligence Angency NO
Dr. Doctor  YES

DNA  deoxyribonucleic acid NO
e.g. (たとえば) exempli gratia (ラテン語) YES
et al. (およびそのほか) Philosophiae Doctor (ラテン語) YES
etc. et cetra (ラテン語) YES
FBI  Federal Bureau of Investigation NO
i.e. (すなわち) id est (ラテン語) YES
Jr.   junior YES
LASER  Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation NO
mph  miles per hour NO
Mr.; Mrs.; Ms. ----  YES
MVP (最優秀選手) Most Valuable Player  NO
NATO  The North Atlantic Treaty Organization NO
N.Y.  New York YES
p.m. post meridiem (ラテン語) YES
Prof.  Professor (ラテン語) YES
Ph.D. (博士号) Philosophiae Doctor (ラテン語) YES
RADAR  Radio Detecting and Ranging NO
R.N.  Royal Navy; Registered Nurse YES
SCUBA  Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus NO
St.  Saint, Street, State, Strait  YES
UFO  Unidentified Flying Object NO
UNICEF  United Nations (International) Children's (Emergency) Fund NO
U.S.A.  The United States of America YES
vs.  versus YES